• Origin Zero
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    Origin Zero

    Origin Zero is a customer-focussed and market-leading energy provider. Facilitating tailored lower carbon energy solutions and end-to-end support for business customers.

  • DETA
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    Operating across Australia & New Zealand, DETA have extensive experience partnering with clients to deliver both short and long-term energy efficiency and net-zero solutions. DETA are leaders in process efficiency, electrification, fuel conversions to biomass or biogas, anaerobic digestion, on-site integration of bio-gas generation, heat network optimisation and heat pump integration. We are also developing and introducing novel technologies to existing process and sustainability strategy.

    DETA are committed to supporting businesses across all sectors achieve a low carbon future through developing corporate strategy, design and optimisation of industrial processes, and implementing real, successful, decarbonisation projects.

  • Energy Insights
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    Energy Insights

    As the energy market transitions, Energy Insights is here to guide you through. 

    Written for energy industry professionals, Energy Insights looks beyond the hype and provides you with the content you need to understand the market dynamics and technological changes that are shaping the energy sector.

    Visit the blog here to view content and sign up for our monthly newsletter.

  • Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity (A2EP)
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    Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity (A2EP)

    The Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity (A2EP) is an independent, not-for-profit coalition of research, business and government leaders helping Australian businesses pursue a cleaner and more successful future by producing more with less energy.

    We explore the world’s best practice for policy and technologies, connect our stakeholders and members via case studies, webinars and events and advocate for programs and policies to help end users to achieve energy productivity growth, business success, jobs growth, circular economy solutions and an orderly transition to a zero-emissions future.

    We believe a focus on energy productivity from business and government will deliver jobs growth, economic benefits, greater energy independence and reliability and increased global competitiveness.

    Established in 2010, our work ranges across research, demonstration, communication and advocacy. Our innovation program is already accelerating the uptake of existing and emerging technologies which have benefits for consumers, energy systems and the economy.

  • Manufacturing Australia
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    Manufacturing Australia

    Manufacturing Australia (MA) is a CEO-led coalition of Australia's largest manufacturers who work with all sides of government, business and community to help the sector realise its full potential.

    MA’s policy priorities include:

    1. Encouraging better regulations that help keep Australian manufacturing safe, productive and high quality, without placing unnecessary burden on businesses and raising the cost of doing business in Australia;
    2. Increasing productivity through innovation, research and development, modern and flexible workplaces and direct engagement between employees and employers;
    3. Ensuring free trade is also fair trade by maintaining a strong anti-dumping system; and,
    4. Maintaining Australia’s competitive advantage of diverse and affordable energy resources.
  • Business Renewables Centre Australia (BRC-A)
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    Business Renewables Centre Australia (BRC-A)

    The Business Renewables Centre Australia (BRC-A) provides independent guidance and support to companies seeking to decarbonise Australian business operations through renewable energy procurement, especially via Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).  A not-for-profit member-based initiative, BRC-A provides an online marketplace platform, resources and training and industry networking support to 220+ member companies. BRC-A was established as a joint collaboration between Climate-KIC Australia and the Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology and WWF-Australia, with support from ARENA and the NSW, Victorian and Queensland Governments.

  • Energy Efficiency Council
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    Energy Efficiency Council

    The Energy Efficiency Council is the peak body for Australia’s energy management sector.

    A not-for-profit membership association, EEC works to: drive world-leading policy on efficiency, electrification and demand flexibility; ensure we have the skilled workforce to deliver Australia’s energy transition; and to support businesses and households to rapidly decarbonise.