Advisory Board

Quest Events would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the official 2023 event advisory panel who contributed their valuable time and expertise to ensure the agenda for this event was timely and relevant for all stakeholders with an interest in a net zero carbon future.


  • Dorota Bacal
    Sustainability and Innovation Lead – ANZ, Vinzero

    Dorota Bacal is a Sustainability and Innovation Lead at VinZero in the ANZ region. She holds a PhD in Renewable Energy from Monash University, a BEng and MSc in Applied Physics from the University of Rzeszow and a PGCert in Sustainable Business Management from the University of Cambridge.

    Dorota helps the AEC&M industries DESIGN and BUILD with sustainability in mind and SOLVE the net zero challenges that they face. She supports VinZero’s clients in growing their internal proficiency within sustainability space to meet expectations of the decarbonising market.

    Dorota is a certified emissions accountant, with expertise in renewable energy and energy efficiency. Throughout her career, she supported numerous Australian and global large energy users and greenhouse gas emitters in designing their sustainability strategies and developing action plans to achieve net zero.

  • Liam Barry
    General Manager, Energy & Commercial, Origin Energy

    Liam joined Origin in 2012 and has held roles in corporate strategy, investor relations and now leads the Energy & Commercial team within Origin Zero, focused on partnering with large customers to deliver their sustainable energy goals.

    Liam has an in-depth knowledge of the Australian energy sector and is passionate about Origin’s role in leading the energy transition.

  • Johanne Gallagher
    Sustainability Development Advisor ANZ, Vinzero

    Johanne Gallagher is the Sustainability Development Advisor for VinZero/A2K Technologies ANZ and is responsible for leading the development of a Sustainability Council Framework to deliver on VinZero's Think.Future brand statement. Johanne ensures VinZero's customers and their own Marketing and Professional services teams have access to the latest trends, data and sustainability insights to increase their ability to achieve their net zero outcomes. Johanne holds a Master of Science in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability from Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden and a Diploma in Applied Chemistry from Technical University Dublin.

  • Monica Richter
    Project Director, MECLA Materials & Embodied Carbon Leaders’ Alliance

    Monica is an economist and social ecologist with extensive experience in environmental sustainability and an interest in the role of business in accelerating the uptake of low and zero carbon solutions. She currently represents WWF as the Project Director of both MECLA and the Business Renewables Centre. Monica is also chair of the external advisory group to the Urban Transformations Research Centre at Western Sydney University.

  • Bronwyn See
    Opportunity Manager, Origin Energy

    Bronwyn is an internationally recognised business developer who converts partnerships into market leading opportunities. With over 20 years’ experience in the energy industry, she has commercialised numerous innovative industry projects in Australia and within the Asian region. 

    She was recently a finalist in the 2022 Global Gas Awards for her work on renewable energy to renewable gas. Bronwyn has originated several green hydrogen and ammonia projects in Australia and has been responsible for forming consortiums involving leading Australian businesses and international energy players. She currently works as a business development executive at a leading Australian energy retailer.

    Passionate about the energy transition and access to opportunities for all communities, Bronwyn is an awarded conference speaker on topics relating to energy transition within the Asian region. She regularly briefs international delegations visiting Australia to upskill on energy transition.  Bronwyn has been appointed to a number of industry consultation committees, acts as a contributor at the Grattan Institute and a Fellow at the University of Melbourne focusing on energy transition and the green economy.

  • Jim Snow
    Adjunct Professor, Energy Initiative | Executive Director, University of Queensland | Oakley Greenwood

    Jim is the Executive Director of expert consulting firm Oakley Greenwood and is an Adjunct Professor with the UQ Energy Initiative, a Graduate of the Mt Eliza Management College, a Fellow of the Institute of Chemical Engineers and a past Chair of the Australian Chemical Engineering College.

    Jim has spent some 45 years in the energy sector working in all facets of the industry and has not only built assets in gas and electricity (transmission, distribution, power stations, LNG and CNG facilities) but is also recognised as an expert in regulatory economics and market design, gas markets, and regularly delivers public talks and workshops on industry issues. Jim has also advised large energy users on energy efficiency, energy supply issues and emissions reductions for some 30 years, and now advises on ESG, net zero transition plans and is currently an Expert Witness in the largest greenwashing case in Australia.

    Jim also has a life-long association with hydrogen, natural gas, synthetic methane and biogas having worked on and designed hydrogen production facilities for coal gasification in the production of metallurgical coke, “towns gas’ and ammonia, as well as landfill gas power generation and biogenic processes in industry. He is currently heavily involved with biomethane and synthetic methane economics and production for industrial and power generation use and is a participant in the newly funded GETCO2 research centre.

    He has also held senior executive positions with Energy Developments Ltd running their Development and Construction Group, was CEO of Hunter Electricity, CEO of Consulting for Energetics Pty Ltd, GM Industrial and Commercial with AGL (12 years), and was a founding Vice President in Australia of the Boston based consulting firm Charles River Associates which evolved to become Oakley Greenwood in Australia.